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A Guide For Vietnam VOA To enter Vietnam

, 21:47pm

Posted by Allen Balsamo

To enter Vietnam, a passport valid for a minimum of one month after the visa expiration date is required by all nationals referred to in the graph above. Extending a visa after in Vietnam is simple, and a typical tourist visa can be extended three times (generally for a month at a time, though more extensions of 90 and 180 days will also be possible) until you need to leave and get a brand new one. The application for travel visa Vietnam on arrival takes approximately two working days. Tourist visa: fees vary according to the kind of visa and period of stay and so are often adjusted.

Visa On Arrival is a letter which helps you pick up visa at the airport on arrival. Another page provides a list of Vietnam embassies and consulates from the U.S. and around the world, with particular emphasis on Southeast Asia (for travelers looking to apply for a Vietnam visa before making the brief hop across the border). In addition to the documents above, applicants have to submit a copy of the Approval from the qualified government in Vietnam.

E-visa for Vietnam may be thought to grant a new visa if being invited/guaranteed by authority/ organization/ individual from Vietnam by Law on foreigners' entry into, exit from, transit through, residence in Vietnam. Boats could be taken from Phnom Penh to the Vietnamese border town of Chau Doc Such a journey takes roughly 5 hours and contains brief stops to leave Cambodia and enter Vietnam.